Isostatic Press Assemblies and Rubber Products

Isostatic Molding Experimental Kit

Trexler Rubber isostatic milding experimental kit

The Trexler Rubber isostatic molding Experimental Kit allows you to try various isostatic pressing techniques on your powder.

The Experimental Kit contains:

The rubber bag is placed in the perforated aluminum container and filled with powder. The sealing ring is inserted and then the rubber top closure. The neck of the bag is wrapped and tied securely with banding tape so no liquid or air can seep into the bag during pressing.

The powder-filled bag, sealed inside its supporting aluminum container, is placed into the press. As the pressure is raised to the required level, the powder is compressed into the desired form.

After the pressing cycle is completed, the entire assembly is removed from the isostatic press. The pressed part is removed and is now ready for its finishing process.

Isostatic Molding Example

This brief description of isostatic pressing is only an introduction. Please contact us for additional information, or contact the Metal Powder Industries Federation.

Isostatic molding step 1

A rubber bag holds the powdered material.
The top closure shown here has an optional de-airing tube.

Isostatic molding step 2

This shows a perforated aluminum container,
which supports the bag, and a sealing ring.

Isostatic molding step 3

This powder-filled rubber bag inside an aluminum
container shows a sealing ring and top closure in place.