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Trexler Rubber Company Introduces New Cylindrical, Diamond Pattern,
Ring Rolled A.V. Liners for Animal Reproductive Market

Release Date: February 1, 2015
For Immediate Release

Family of Ring Rolled A.V. Liners Now Available From Trexler Rubber Company

Ravenna, OH, February 1, 2015 – Trexler Rubber Company, world leader in custom dipped latex and polyurethane products, announced today that it had begun high volume production of a new dipped latex A.V. liner family of products. The new A.V. Liners have a cylindrical shape and can be purchased in varying lengths, with or without ring rolls on the end of the liners.

New tooling has been produced to meet an ever increasing demand for this widely used product within the Animal Reproductive market. All liners have been thoroughly tested through use of bull semen (measured by CASA, computer-assisted sperm analysis) with no evident detrimental effect on sperm motility.

“Many current customers asked that we start producing this product line given the disruption of Malaysian supply,” commented Tom Trexler/ VP of Sales and Marketing. “Several different form factors will be offered, based on customer feedback including a non-chlorinated or chlorinated version. The new liners will all be cylindrical in shape and come with the familiar “Diamond Pattern” ribbing that the industry has come to expect.”

The cylindrical, diamond pattern A.V. liners will come in ring rolled lengths of 19”, 22” and 24.” Non ring rolled A.V. liners can be ordered in 23” or 26” lengths. Both types of liners may be ordered in non-chlorinated (tacky to the touch) or chlorinated (smooth to the touch) styles. All Trexler Rubber A.V. liners are produced to exacting standards and only in 100% natural latex (fillers are never used).

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The Trexler Rubber Company has accumulated over 75 years of experience in custom designs of latex, neoprene and polyurethane products and near net shape isostatic bags and tooling sets. Trexler Rubber's international customers include government agencies including NASA, branches of the military, medical and veterinary product and device manufacturers. Trexler Rubber continues to invest into new technologies and research and development to offer its customers state-of-the-art production, rapid turn-around, and unique capabilities.

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