Polyurethane Isostatic Molds

Trexler Rubber specializes in the design and production of custom bag sizes and shapes. We also offer an extensive inventory of standard sized cylindrical bags from 19" to 36" tall, with 3/8" walls and inside diameters from 1/2" to 18", and in 30, 50, 65, and 85 Durometer.

Standard polyurethane bag sizes

Solid Polyurethane Plug
3" standard height. The plug diamter matches to the mold's inside diameter for a tight seal. A de-airing tube (above) and/or an alignment hole (below) are available.
Solid plyurethane plug options

Pressing Mandrel
A steel mandrel is optional, with centering pins available.

Polyurethane Bag
19" or 36" standard interior heights. 2" standard base thickness. 3/8" standard wall thickness.
Standard sizes
Custom sizes and options

Alignment Hole
Used to center the pressing mandrel. This feature is optional at no cost. Please provide specifications. 1" standard diameter. 3/4" standard depth. Other sizes available.