Natural Latex Isostatic Assemblies & Latex Pressing Bag Options   

Pressing Bag Options

Standard Pressing Bag, Closure with Optional De-Air Tube

Square Bag with a Cylindrical Neck for Non-Cylindrical Parts

Donut Assembly with Removable Mandrel

Donut Assembly with Solid Mandrel, Closure with Tube, Seal Ring, Container & Polyrethane Saddle Top and Bottom for Centering Mandrel

Donut Assembly with a Latex Sleeve, Solid Mandrel with Base Plate, Polyurethane Plug & Sleeve Container

Donut Bag with Closure Tube

Oval Necked Bag & Perforated Aluminum Container with Gusseted Lift Tabs

AL Flanged Containers for Outside Necked Bags

Multi-Stepped Sleeve

Radius Bottom Flat Sided Bag. Opening is Rectangle