Natural Latex Isostatic & Neoprene Assemblies

Natural Latex and Neoprene Isostatic Molds

Natural Latex Rubber Designs:

Trexler Rubber will design and produce custom mold sizes and shapes. We also offer over 500 sizes of cylinders and rectangles. We warehouse over 500 sizes of cylindrical and rectangular tools from which to manufacture assemblies, saving you time and money.
Please contact us, and we will turn your idea into a product.

Material Selections:

  • Natural Latex @ 38± durometer.
  • Neoprene (Synthetic Rubber) @ 50± durometer.

Metal Sealing Ring
Normally 1/8" - 1/4" aluminum. The sealing ring is matched to the top-closure inside diameter for a tight seal.
Seal Ring Options

Latex Top Closure
The top-closure outside diameter is sized to the bag's inside diameter for a tight fit. A de-airing tube is optional. A polyurethane fill cap is also available.
Top closure options

Latex Pressing Bag
Standard wall thicknesses are .0625" (1/16") or .125" (1/8").
Latex pressing bag options.

Metal Container
Constructed from perforated aluminum, the container is sized to support the rubber pressing bag.
Metal container and addition metal component options